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BEACHPORT & SOUTHEND fishing guide


Types of fish Caught: Salmon, Garfish, Tommies, Whiting, Trevalley.

Hooks: small hooks (long shank no.10) Bait: There are no rules when it comes to this. One day they will take cockles, then cray tail and then shrimp. A no.10 hook will land a pound whiting and you have the advantage of being able to catch the smaller fish on the same gear. Keep your bait small.

Gear: When fishing with 2 rods it is advisable to have a float on one and use the other on the bottom.

Location: Jetties at Beachport & Southend.


beachport beach fishing

Types of fish Caught: Salmon, Mulloway, Rays, Flathead, Snapper, small Shark and King Whiting..

Bait: Cockle (for Whiting), fish fillets, Dillard's, squid or octopus.

Gear: Longer Rods (12 foot) are normally required/advised but if not available try what you have. A good reel with 300 yards of at least 20 pound line with 6.0 to 7.0 hooks is suggested. This type of fishing is best at sunrise, sunset or an overcast day.

Location: Excellent surf beaches stretch around Rivoli Bay from Beachport to Southend. Various locations within the Beachport Conservation Park and Canunda National Park. Accessible by 4WD or take 2WD vehicles as far as possible and then travel on foot.


Types of fish Caught: Salmon, Mullet, Snapper & Sweep.

Bait: Cockle, pilchards, red meat & fish strips. Float fishing is best but heavier gear can be used if trying for Salmon etc. Snapper can also be tried for but be prepared to lose some gear through snags.

Location: Various locations within the Beachport Conservation Park and Canunda National Park. Accessible by 4WD or take 2WD vehicles as far as possible and then travel on foot.

CAUTION: For large waves and unsafe cliffs. Do not wear rubber waders as they could possibly fill with water.


beachport fishing

Types of fish Caught: Whiting, Flathead, Salmon, Mullet, Garfish, Snapper and Shark.

Bait: Burley is a must for good fish catches. Do not overfeed.

Location: Rivoli Bay - Good areas for night dabbing Garfish near the Jetty.

Gear: For fishing outside this area a good sea boat of at least 5m is a minimum requirement. The wind can rise very quickly and cause trouble if you are not prepared. If you have an echo sounder look for the higher peaks and drop offs. If not, and there is a swell, look for the 'bowls'. Drifting can also be productive in these areas, anchoring when fish are found. Heavy gear is used for Snapper, Mulloway and Gummy Shark.


  • Ask a local fisherman

  • The weather and tide movement are the number one priority. Conditions are generally calmer early in the morning.

  • To obtain you boat ramp permit for Beachport fishing visit the Beachport Visitor Info Centre, Jarmos Petrol Station or 4Shore Fishing & Giftware (whilst there perhaps pick up a size, bag & boat limit brochure).

  • Mulloway like deeper gutters and bite best on a rising tide, an overcast sky and murky water. They respond best to vibration of live bait. Best 2-4 days either side of a full moon.

  • Oct - May are best for Snapper and Whiting. Try for these on a filling tide and snapper on a high tide.

  • Flathead bite well an hour each side of low tide and also when the moon and tides are rising.

  • Beach Fishing is best when dawn or dusk coincide with a high tide.

  • A cheap option for Burley: chicken pellets or bran mixed with a little tuna oil.

  • Deep Sea Fishing - try on very high tides.

  • Recreational Fishing Licenses are not required in SA (except crayfish)

  • PIRSA Mt Gambier Office: 08 8735 1300

  • South East Regional Office: 08 8735 1177

The above information has been compiled by Wattle Range Council. Beachport fishing. Southend Fishing.


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