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About Beachport

Beachport, located along the beautiful Limestone Coast Drive is an isthmus, with the sea on two sides and Lake George beside it. With white sandy beaches stretching around Rivoli Bay, and rugged coastline of the Southern Ocean, Beachport is a spectacular place. 

Beachport, named in 1878 after Sir M E Hicks-Beach, has the second longest jetty in South Australia reaching out 772m into the bay, providing a good vantage spot to view the visiting Southern Right Whales. Nature lovers will enjoy the walking trails, secluded beaches, a range of bird life and intriguing shell middens.

Whaling History

The first industry in the South East of South Australia was a whaling station at Whalers Point Rivoli Bay North, later renamed Glenn's Point after George Glenn, an early pioneer. Hunting was initially carried out from small boats and the whales were towed back to a shore station for processing. Whaling was a critically important industry in the successful colonisation of South Australia.

The main local industries are agriculture, viticulture, tourism, aquaculture, surfboard making and fishing. Rivoli Bay is now home to a thriving fishing fleet and is a popular tourist destination. 

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